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Jim Minton is a new writer of fiction, based in London but raised in the North East of England. On this website you can read his published works, which are mostly - but not all - darkly funny tales of growing up in Northumberland. You can also find out about Undertone, his new novel and read more about Jim, if you wish. All works are his copyright. So you can't pretend they are yours, even if you want to!

About Jim

I have been writing fiction since 2009 when I started doing City University's excellent short course, "An introduction to creative writing". I was lucky enough in my second term to work with the inspirational Heidi James, and a small group of us carried on through 2010-12 working with Heidi, improving our technique and gaining confidence.

I have written one novel, Meat with eyes. It is unpublished, and to be honest, needs a lot of work. But since finishing it, I was selected to join the City University Novel Studio course, and am learning properly how to structure and craft a longer work. I am now writing Undertone, a coming of age story about race, politics and paper-rounds set in 1980s North East England. You can read about it on the tab at the top of this page.

I've written a lot of short stories, some of which have been published. You can find links to those that have seen the light of day via this website.

As far as the rest is concerned, I was born in Jamaica, grew up in the North East, and have lived in London for the past twenty years. I've worked in government and for various other interesting organisations, and have done assignments in Africa and the Middle East. I am into football, music and art, so some stuff about each of these things may creep onto this blog from time to time.

I like writing about ordinary people, and hope that others like to read my stuff.

You can contact me through this blog. I am on twitter but am pretty rubbish at using it.

Thanks for looking me up.


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  1. Hi Jim,

    I picked up your Twitter name from Emily and Emma's tweets tonight. Hope your readings all went well.

    I'm a graduate of the 2009-10 predecessor of the Novel Studio.

    If you dig around in my blog you might find we've shared similar experiences.