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Jim Minton is a new writer of fiction, based in London but raised in the North East of England. On this website you can read his published works, which are mostly - but not all - darkly funny tales of growing up in Northumberland. You can also find out about Undertone, his new novel and read more about Jim, if you wish. All works are his copyright. So you can't pretend they are yours, even if you want to!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Wrote a new story to read out at Red Army Fiction at the end of October. Was good to be back in the saddle. Usual theme - growing up, finding out about life. And misbehaving dogs. It's better heard than read I think, so I haven't posted it up. I heard that the event was streamed, so if I can track down the video I'll post it. Anyway, you can imagine it. It was OK!

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