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Jim Minton is a new writer of fiction, based in London but raised in the North East of England. On this website you can read his published works, which are mostly - but not all - darkly funny tales of growing up in Northumberland. You can also find out about Undertone, his new novel and read more about Jim, if you wish. All works are his copyright. So you can't pretend they are yours, even if you want to!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New year, more reading, less writing

So 2014 is already a couple of months old. I've been sending the completed draft of Undertone off to agents and the odd publisher. I'm totting up the rejections, though there have been some positive sniffs. I'll keep going for now, and see what happens. It was fun writing it, which was the main thing. If you want to read it get in touch and I'll happily send it to you. Beyond the rejecting agents, those that have read it have enjoyed it.

Having finished has given me a bit of scope to do a bit more performance spoken word. In January I read at Red Army Fiction's south london night. I read Skinless and Boneless which I'd written about 3 years ago. I usually like to read something new, but didn't finish what I'd been trying. I enjoyed reading S&B again - it is still a good story - but I feel already like my writing has moved on quite a bit.

Got another Red Army night tomorrow (20 February) in Bethnal Green. Again, I will probably read something I've already written - it is so unlikely there will be anyone in the audience who has read any of my stuff any it will sound like new. Let's see - I might surprise you.

Anyway if you want to come along it is at the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green.

I've also finished - and properly enjoyed - a novel for the first time in about 2 years. Since I've been focused on my own novel, Undertone, I've felt really unable to concentrate on other work - which has been a real pain. But on holiday last week I raced through all 950 pages of Murakami's 1Q84. And loved it. Great to be back!