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Jim Minton is a new writer of fiction, based in London but raised in the North East of England. On this website you can read his published works, which are mostly - but not all - darkly funny tales of growing up in Northumberland. You can also find out about Undertone, his new novel and read more about Jim, if you wish. All works are his copyright. So you can't pretend they are yours, even if you want to!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Update on my new novel - a crisp summary of what it is all about....

Ok, here goes. I've been working on this. Before you ask, I've been working on the actual novel too! We are doing a reading at the end of term (July 4th) of extracts from our books, and for the flier need to have a 'Logline' - something punchy which describes what the novel is all about. I think this just about works for now:

Undertone by Jim Minton

When 14 year old paperboy Carl has trouble with playground bullies, he finds unexpected allies in Meacock, a squatter and activist who promises to educate him about the political realities of 1980s Britain, and new class mate Sanusi, whose family have just arrived in the north-east from Nigeria. An apparent racial attack on Sanusi’s home gives Carl and Meacock a cause to fight for, but what are Meacock’s real motives, and is Carl getting himself into something sinister that he can’t control?

What do you think?

Also, I've kind of wobbled about the title (see post from a few months back). I'm veering toward Undertone now.

Let's see. I'll try and finish the thing this summer - I've booked some days off in august so should get a good amount done.

More soon.

A diversion - a blog about a football trip to Berlin

Went to Berlin a couple of weeks ago for a weekend, to see my great mate Wilson, and watch some football. A fantastic weekend - as anyone who has been there will know, Berlin is a great city.

I've posted a couple of photos here, but also recorded my observations on the football at Wilson's excellent I'm an FC Union Berlin Man blog.