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Jim Minton is a new writer of fiction, based in London but raised in the North East of England. On this website you can read his published works, which are mostly - but not all - darkly funny tales of growing up in Northumberland. You can also find out about Undertone, his new novel and read more about Jim, if you wish. All works are his copyright. So you can't pretend they are yours, even if you want to!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Progress update June 2011 (and exclusive pics of Jordan)

Updating this from Amman Jordan where I am working. Work interesting, with good people. Feels like I've been here a long time though (2 weeks, 1 more to go). There is only so much hummus a man can eat. I've used the down time to make some progress with MWE though. In fact it is almost done. Chapter 25 is going to be the last one, and I am half way through. It will need a hell of an edit, I guess, but I am happy with it. I know how it will end, and just have to write the last couple of thousand words to make it come off. Maybe you'll be able to read it soon!

Anyway, here are a few pics of Jordan to liven this site up. More rambling soonish.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

story so far

'Meat with Eyes' is progressing. I've now finished the second section of the three that are planned, so only have about 10 chapters to go. It's a story about ordinary men getting older. What pressures they feel - from work, relationships, sex and sexuality and just existing - and what harm they do to themselves and to others, deliberately and accidentally. It's told in the voices of 5 different men who come together for a world cup barbecue in the summer of 2010. The story follows the men before and after the barbecue, at which two significant events occur that change things between them for ever. And just in case you think it sounds a bit wanky, it's got plenty of swearing, drinking, fighting, football and farting. I'm enjoying writing it and hope you will enjoy reading it, soonish.

Friday, 25 March 2011

meat with eyes

I am cracking on with writing Meat with Eyes. I think I am about half way through. It's a book about how men cope with change in their lives. What it does to their friendships, their relationships and their sense of self. I want it to be a good read. More when I have it.